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Fees and Payment Plans

Every legal case is different in one way or another. There typically isn't one golden number that will represent the costs of a case. There are many factors in determining an appropriate and reasonable legal fee in any given case. As such, the circumstances surrounding each case should be evaluated to determine the appropriate legal fee.   


Attorney Thomas Martin strives to provide competitive pricing when establishing his fees. He also has varying payment plans available. 


Initial Consultation

Attorney Thomas Martin provides free consultations in many areas of the law. Call today and ask whether your case qualifies for a free consultation. 

Free Consultation

Legal Advice & Guidance

Attorney Thomas Martin bills some types of cases at an hourly rate and others on a flat fee basis. The type of case and the objectives of the representation are two crucial factors in determining the appropriate type of fee. In cases where legal advice or guidance is sought (as opposed to litigation), Attorney Thomas Martin generally uses an hourly rate fee type.

$200 per hour in hourly cases

Criminal Cases 

Attorney Thomas Martin uses a flat fee in criminal cases. As explained above, many factors go into the amount of the fee charged in each case (i.e. class of crime, type of crime, criminal history, circumstances of the crime, and etc.).  

Fee varies 

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